About Us


It’s so nice to meet you. We're Coast, and we believe life is for living, fashion should bring joy and our best should never be saved for Sunday.

We’re eternal optimists, and know that happiness can be found in all sorts of places – your wardrobe, an art gallery, a dinner table, the bottom of a biscuit tin… We may not be in the cookie-making business quite yet, but the wardrobe bit we can definitely help with.

A celebration of life in fashion form, our collection brims with bright, playful, feel-good pieces to love from this season to the next.

“Fashion is for feeling – feeling beautiful, feeling happy, feeling ‘you’.”


… In 1996 to be exact, Coast burst onto the scene, all tulle and florals and bridesmaid dresses. We still make all of those, but we’ve added some other lovely things to the collection, too, including daywear, accessories, jewellery and beauty.

We want to help you find a little sparkle in those everyday moments, starting with the clothes you put on in the morning. Whether dressed up, dressed down or somewhere in-between, we create items that encourage joy – from essentials with a delightful twist to ‘wow’ pieces for the special occasions you’ll never forget.